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A Wish Once Wished... Part 3 :iconmeliran:Meliran 19 5
Mature content
A Wish Once Wished... Part 2 :iconmeliran:Meliran 18 0
Mature content
A Wish Once Wished... Part 1 :iconmeliran:Meliran 27 1
Dust like RWBYs Part 3 - Ruby (Fin)
“Weiss?” I heard a voice call in the distance. “Weiss, are you all right? Can you hear me?”
My eyelids were so heavy, as if rocks had been tied to them. I struggled to open them, but when I did it didn’t look like the hotel I last remembered being in.
“Where am I?” I asked.
A girl with black hair and a bow on her head leaned over me. “You’re in my room, Weiss. And it’s a bit of a surprise you’ve even made it here. What were you thinking, doing all that work without a moment’s rest?”
I blinked, trying to get my focus back. Oh, that’s Blake standing over me right now. Why’s she here? She wasn’t at the hotel with us. Did she come back after I insulted her kind and…
Wait a second. That’s right, Blake was Martin. I was… somebody. A male, but the name escaped me for the moment. I looked around, and Kenny was sitting on what looked to be a bed, arms folded. And Ant… Ant was&
:iconmeliran:Meliran 16 2
Dust like RWBYs Part 2 - Blake
Despite our resolve, the snow had not decided to make our lives easier. It battered against our faces, making every step torture. “Is the town hall even open in this blizzard?” I shouted over the wind.
“They always are.” Ant lifted his hand to his eyes and tried to shield himself from the onslaught of snow. “They’re considered emergency personnel.”
“But how could they even get there? There’s like five inches on the road!” I shouted back, trudging through the slush.
“Don’t ask me. Besides, the less people there, the better. We might be able to get that video without any resistance if the bigwigs aren’t there.”
We stopped talking and tried to focus on the task at hand. It had been so easy yesterday to take a nice stroll downtown and go shopping. Now it seemed like just moving a foot was going to be impossible.
We had seemed to trudge on for hours. Despite having myself all bundled up, I could feel the chi
:iconmeliran:Meliran 17 10
Dust like RWBYs Part 1 - Weiss
The snow fell gently to the ground, draping the world in a blanket of white. I had gone to sleep as excited as anything reading the weather report. We hadn’t had a snow day all year, so this was going to be as good of a shot as any.
Of course, my school believed that everything should wait until the last minute. They didn’t post the school closures on their website the night before, just in case the prediction of 12-16 inches happened to be wrong. So I still had to wake up to my alarm clock chiming with its daily question “If people count sheep at night, what do sheep count?”
“Oh, shut up already,” I grumbled, flipping it off. The thing I hate most about this alarm is that it doesn’t just wake you up, but it injects a question to think about into your head. There’s no way I’d be able to get back to sleep now that I’m stuck thinking about sheep.
I slipped on my slippers and stumbled over to my computer. I pulled up our school w
:iconmeliran:Meliran 29 15
Mature content
Shifting through the Emblems :iconmeliran:Meliran 36 1
My New Life
I walked in silence up the twisting path in the forest. There was a yellow trail blaze just ahead, showing me the way. I don’t think it really mattered whether I followed the trail or not. It led to the same end either way.
The rising sunning flittered through the trees, illuminating my path. I had never thought I’d be here yesterday morning. I thought I’d be at home, bringing up my darkest secrets to my parents, knowing that I had my friends to support me if worst came to worst. I never thought that even they would’ve abandoned me.
It happened yesterday at lunch. We all sat around the table, chewing out our wraps and waiting for Ben and Nick to come back from their jobs behind the counter. They were the real conversation starters of the group, so until they came, we had to sit around listening to Anthony.
“Man, that test was so hard!” Anthony groaned. “I don’t think I got a single one right. Who would’ve thought that she’d te
:iconmeliran:Meliran 29 14
Alex IV
The sun beamed down on the vast expanse of sand surrounding my towel and my body. It soft rays shone down onto my exposed skin, slowly turning it into the perfect copper color of summer. The waves crashed softly in the distance, creating a soothing melody that I could’ve just fallen asleep to – if I hadn’t already had a nap this afternoon.
“Nothing like the beach, eh, Paul?” I asked, turning my head to look at him.
“Of course not,” he replied with his usual raspy voice. If I hadn’t known him, I’d have said he had just gotten sick. But, after everything we’ve been through, I knew how much better this was than what it had been.
When Paul had come back to me through the portal, I thought he’d have leapt into my arms, a bundle of joy and excitement. Instead, he simply collapsed on the ground, unable to move.
“Paul!” I had shouted, running up to him with Sarah on the rooftop that day. “Paul, are you all righ
:iconmeliran:Meliran 9 0
A Tangled Mess
“Go on, I dare ya,” Jamie prodded my ribs.
I glared at him. “You dare me what?”
“Well, you see Stephanie there, right?” he asked, pointing at the sleeping girl in front of us on the bus. “You know it’s a cardinal rule of the band bus: Never fall asleep. We have to punish her, George.” He pulled out a marker and grinned.
“We’re almost at the stadium…” I said. “Maybe if we were going home, but if I drew on her face, there’s no way she’d be able to get it off in time for the show.”
Jamie started to argue, but then slumped back down in his seat. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he said. “But we can’t just let her go unpunished now, can we?”
“So, what do you suggest?” I asked.
He gestured to her long blonde locks of hair cascading down the back of her seat. “It’s just hanging right here, free for us to do what we want with it.”
:iconmeliran:Meliran 35 4
The Borrower
“Hey, Lolita,” I called out after the tiny girl brushing past me. “Crawfield Elementary called. They want their mascot back.”
The guy burst out in laughter as she stopped right in her tracks. “Kevin, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told you to stop calling me that…”
“What?” I asked. “Lolita? Well, maybe if you didn’t look like such a child, I’d actually call you something else.”
“Like Mary?” She turned around to show me her shaking hazel eyes. Oh, this is good. Push her just a little bit more and the tears would start to flow. “My name?”
“How about just Shorty then?” I teased. The boys roared with laughter again.
“Oh, you better stop,” joked Ted. “Look, she’s going to cry!”
James laughed along with him. “Nothing wrong with that! That’s what kids do!”
But Mary didn’t cry. Instead, she just looked at me wi
:iconmeliran:Meliran 35 5
O'Dell's Oddities II - Lucy :iconmeliran:Meliran 108 7 To the rescue! :iconmeliran:Meliran 419 18
There Ain't No Mountain High Enough
“Seriously, dude, how much further?” I whined as we took yet another step up the hill.
“If this is a problem, how do you think you’ll ever reseal those demons?” Gerard responded. “Come on, this is just walking. We haven’t even started training yet.”
I grumbled, knowing full well not to keep complaining. Truth be told, I knew perfectly well that nothing was going to come of it anyways. We’d just spend a weekend up on the hill, I’d be my perfect pretty little self, and then I could return to town and kick some demon ass.
“Those motherfuckers are going to love my foot up their ass,” I chuckled to myself.
“Michelle, language,” Gerard reminded me.
“What’s the problem with saying what I want?” I demanded. “Nobody ever cared what I said around the house.”
“We’re in public.”
“I don’t see anyone else around,” I made an exaggerated motion of search
:iconmeliran:Meliran 6 1
Mature content
Of Genies and Emblems :iconmeliran:Meliran 39 4
Mrs. Claus
The snowflakes fell gently from the sky above, draping the world in a blanket of white. Underneath that blanket lay all the grass and greenery which would one day blossom back into life. But for now, the landscape remained cold and colorless.
If I were a poet, I’d write a verse about it. But I’m no poet, so instead I’m cursing at it.
“How the hell am I supposed to start a fire like this?” I groaned, throwing my lighter down on the ground. The trash can in front of me remained cold and dark, not willing to light. Every time I’d get a spark, one of those damn snowflakes would fall and extinguish it before it even had a chance to light.
I grumbled as I returned to my corner of the street and sat down. I pulled my coat over my legs, trying to keep them warm. But it was hopeless. This coat had holes the size of canyons from the months it has had to endure out here. I brushed my elongate hair out of my face, scratching my hand on my unshaved face.
:iconmeliran:Meliran 38 1


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Meliran's Profile Picture
Megan Liran
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey there! I'm a writer, and while most of my work on here has been TG fiction, I've written plenty of other types of stories from romance to action and even a few comedies.

I currently answer phone calls all day long, and when I'm not doing that I'm either in the classroom trying to become a teacher, or playing video games.

I was born as a guy, but I identify as a girl, so I will be submitting under the pen name of Megan Liran. I do not mind what pronoun you wish to address me as, but I do ask that you remain respectful of my situation.
So, way back when I started doing commissions, the idea was that I'd accept commissions and use the money to commission other stuff, or to assist myself in writing. For the most part, that's what I've done, though there have been a few times I've used commission money on stuff like video games. It's always been the case that commission money will only be used for fun stuff - and never something like rent or tuition.

So, I have some commission money now, and am stuck between two choice - a DS or a couple of character designs to help inspire me with some writing. If I was living alone, I'd get the DS in a flash. But I've been stuck living with my parents for the past 8 months until I finish getting my teaching degree, and they are notoriously stingy. Like, it took me months to convince them I needed a laptop since my old one was a 10-year old hunk of hot slow junk (I bought it with my own money, btw. They don't buy anything for me, but dictate what I do with the money I earn.). So a DS... forget it. That'd have to be hidden from them that I ever purchased it, even though I am 28 years old.

So now I'm stuck between getting the DS and having to hide it, or commissioning other artists and not. :'(

I know I'm going to wind up doing the 2nd in the end, but I just thought I'd rant a bit about it.


Can't wait for work to pick up again. Then I get OT and money to spend on stuff I want. :o
I should really try a character based story some day instead of a plot based one...
So a Nintendo 3DS costs like $300. What happened to the days when I bought a Gameboy pocket for $40, and the color was $80? >.<
So, I made a huge mistake and shared my idea for a fantasy novel with this one guy. So now instead of fairies and unicorns, it's got tons of questions about plot holes and "why nots" and parallels to society.

So now I think I'll write my prequel instead in April until my motivation comes back...
>tfw you realize you did the math per word on your commissions wrong, and you're a math major.


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